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March 7, 2008
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Well, upload it again, but changed the song, to one that can be used without copyright problems. I was going to reupload just the animation, but there was this song I liked from newgrounds and decided to use it.

My original caramel chu can be found at [link]

New song info:
Song: Lazy Summer Days [link]
Author: cornandbeans
Site: [link]

The song can be used as long as I give credit to the author and don't use it for commercial porpuses

First Caramel Chu statistics(goggle catched version Mar 3 2008 01:06:55 GMT)
Submitted: Jun 24, 2007
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Remove date: Mar 5, 2008, 6:55:34 PM

Original Post ( June 24 2007 ):
Finally I finish this, I don't even know what to write at the moment cuz im very tired.

The first flash I saw like that was on furafinity made by Devvo, its not exactly from the caramel family since it uses another song, even so, I liked it a lot, then I trashed the internet looking for the original version and I liked it even more, I got so obseced that decided to make my own verion.

It was a 3 days work splited in several weekends. It got a bit stressing at time cuz it was just a short loop and it was very very dificult for me, since this is practically the first time I do something like this, at the end, I just loved the result.

I will take a little rest on animation for now and practice more drawing hehehehe, I found really good lessons on youtube.

Well, for now, hope you all like it, I put a lot of my time and effort on it.

EDIT: WHOA! I didn't actually expected this, thanks everyone for your nice comments. I think the person that really deservers credit here is the one that made the original caramel flash, to bad I don't know who he/she is.

Even so, he/she didn't do the animation either cuz it's from an anime called popotan, but still, the combination of that catchy song with that cute dance just made a boom to this addictive flash.

I must say that the first time I saw it, it had the same effect on me as most of you, couldn't stop watching it hehehehe.

Now, there are two reasons why I made this:

1. For fun
2. To practice animation
3. Because I liked the original one so much (ok thats three XD)

Even so its just an edit, it doesn't mean that was easy to make. First of all, was the anatomy of the chars, had to adjust proportions, for mewchu feral I had the basic movements but still, I had to do a lot from scratch, cuz he's smaller and floating, btw those are the two versions of my mewchu sona

Also I had to worry about more things, the tails and the ears, that took most of my time, and a lot of experimenting, it was a try and error task and putting all I know of animation so far.

But as I see, it really pays off all the effort having so good response from all of you.

Thank you all

EDIT 2: OMG, almost 13K views now, quite unexpected I say, I think it got very popular now, an seen it in a lot of places, not counting the one I have repost it myself

Im thinking if I should make a second part, only that im not sure it will be as popular as this one, but still, I already have a new idea for a sequel.

Btw, below this description, is the complete information about the song name and where to get it, also information about the original caramel flash.

I will no longer reply to comments asking info thats already listed here.

FLASH INFORMATION (read this before asking)

Tools used: Caramelldancen flash, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Audition, a little free time and winamp (for hearing the same song for hours XD)

Song Info:
Title: Caramelldancen (Speedycake Remix) - (you can get the song here [link] .If that doesn't work try limewire ^^)
Artist: Caramell (swedish)

More Flash Info:
Furry Dota Flash (the one I saw first an inspired me to make my own): [link]
Author: Devvo
Song: DotA RavE (Artist:Theyain Riku, also swedish)
To get that song follow the comments on devvos flash, someone posted the link were you can get it, don't ask me where to get it please.

Original Caramel flash (some call it popotan flash) : [link]
Anime: Popotan
Author: Unknown (If someone knows please tell me, I want to contact the original author so baddly XD)

Mewchu anthro (c) me
Mewchu Feral (c) me
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